All about Barrel And Squidger Records:

Barrel And What?

Barrel And Squidger. It's a spoonerism of Squirrel And Badger.

The squidger is half-squirrel, half-badger. He sits on his barrel, playing his records.

He's a cryptozoologicalgooglewhack.

He was designed in a pub late one night on the back of a beermat. You could probably have guessed that bit.

It started as a joke, and now people all over the world wear t-shirts spreading the legend of the squidger.

Rock stars wear the squidger on stage and in their videos. Cowboys wear the squidger on the artwork of their CDs.

You can join in too - the t-shirts are in our shop. Be sure to send us a picture of you wearing the squidger somewhere cool.

CJ Wildheart on stage (photo © Mark Loraine)

Alan Lancaster (Status Quo)

John Coghlan (Status Quo / John Coghlan's Quo)

Danny McCormack (The Wildhearts) on stage (photo © Trudi Knight)

Boss Caine "Loved By Trouble, Troubled By Love" CD art

Do you have a shop?

Not a real shop, we're mail order only. 

Do you have a green policy?

As records are made out of melted down dinosaurs we thought we'd be nice to the planet and grow a wood. We conquered the charts, now we're conkering the countryside in conjunction with Oblong Trees. CLICK HERE for proof. The squidger loves trees and couldn't have made his barrel without them. 

Can I/we send you my/our demo?

Yes, absolutely!

We're always on the lookout for top quality, interesting and original projects.

Feel free to send us a physical sample of your work for consideration.

We'll listen to CDs, records, tapes, 8-tracks, wax cylinders...

We're not so keen on download links, it isn't how we like to play our music.

Be sure to include some information about yourselves too.

We aim to respond to all submissions but as you'll appreciate we do receive a lot so it isn't always possible, and we can't return your demos either so please DON'T send us your master copies!

We're looking forward to having our minds blown. 

Who supports the "Rock Remembers Rick" EP?

All of these people think you need a copy in your life. You may recognise some or all of them, they're rock royalty.

Suzi Quatro

Ginger Wildheart

Adam Thistlethwaite (Massive Wagons)

Don Powell (Slade)

CJ Wildheart

Patty Parfitt

John Coghlan (Status Quo)

Jackie Lynton

Linda Lewis