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11 April 2021

We've donated a John Coghlan's Quo CD autographed by John himself to a charity auction for Seaside Hospital Radio - CLICK HERE and bid generously!

9 April 2021

Incredible - a second week in the Top 10 for John Coghlan's Quo, as "Lockdown" continues to do the business at number 9 in the Official UK Physical Singles Chart - holding its own against the heavyweights as we snuggle in between Liam Gallagher and Billie Eilish.

That's some pretty impressive company we're keeping - many thanks everyone for all your support.

9 April 2021

More great support from our local newspaper The Harrogate Advertiser - CLICK HERE to read their article about our latest chart hit!

3 April 2021

Further research...

Hayley Williams, who beat us to no.1, is the frontwoman of American rock band Paramore. They're massive. Hers is a 10" EP limited to 10,000 copies worldwide and pre-sold in December! Following months of complaints, Atlantic only shipped out the UK orders this week. It's pure bad luck that her sales figures were submitted this week - it was scheduled to be released months ago.

Label wise, the top 5 reads as follows: 1. Atlantic, 2. Barrel And Squidger, 3. Warner Records, 4. Polydor, 5. Interscope. Four enormous international operations with budgets of millions, and one label run by one bloke in his spare room.

On the Sales chart (actual sales for real money of everything - vinyl, CD and paid downloads, with unpaid streaming stripped out), we're at 31 nationally. For context, Taylor Swift has a new entry at 32.

2 April 2021


John Coghlan's Quo - Lockdown / No Return double A-side CD single enters the Official UK Physical Singles Chart at the number two position.

HUGE congratulations to John, Mick, Rick and Pete.

Following two previous Top Ten singles, it's

Barrel And Squidger Records' second Number Two hit. For a young, tiny, truly independent label, to beat the multinational big boys at their own game is AMAZING.


2 April 2021

As we await news of a possible chart position for our John Coghlan's Quo single, here's a new interview with John himself:

Squidger: Did you lose your mind in Lockdown?

John Coghlan: Not really! Most weekends we've been down at Pete Mace's house, he's got a studio there and we congregate there and record the tracks. It's all turned out very well, I'm over the moon with it, I'm so excited about it all, it's so good. We've got about four songs recorded and ready to get mixed down and everything else. It is taking time, but the great thing is the band sounds exactly like 70s Quo, without a doubt. Being honest with you there was no intention of that happening, it's just that Pete Mace sounds very much like Francis, and plays like Francis. All the guitar sounds have come out really well. Mick Hughes is doing a lead vocal for one of the songs, Mick doesn't do many lead vocals but he's done it champion this time on a song called "I'm Coming Home". I'm just so pleased with it all, the four of us have got some chemistry there, I think that's the secret of it. It's worked out so well and I really can't wait. Quite a few radio stations have already played "Lockdown" and it's gone down extremely well.

"No Return" has really captured the definitive 70s Quo sound. It's cracking and I think the Quo fan base are really going to go for this.

Yeah I do too. I think so. The fans I think will be in for a big surprise, they'll be so surprised, thinking "Blimey, this is really good!" Also I think it's got quite a fresh sound about it. We've got a great following, obviously Status Quo fans, we love that, but also we've got our own following who travel miles. You know as well as I do that some of these fans have travelled millions of miles to come and see the band. When we did the Frantic Four tour some people came over from Australia, they came to see us at Hammersmith, then went back home, then came back again to see us in Dublin! If they thought it was crap they wouldn't turn up. We just can't wait, we're really pissed off at this lockdown and it's not just the bands, it's the road crew, the management, PA crew, lighting, catering, there's millions of us. We're whinging about it but I'm so excited mate about this album and when it's finished I can't wait for it to be put out and go onto radio stations and get it publicised and let everyone hear it. Get the fans to buy it and take it home!

Tell us a bit about "No Return"…

It's up tempo, a good song to get up and dance to. It's a great song, I love it. It's got some good phrasing, good vocals, I like the drums I've played on it, I'm happy with that. Instead of me doing a shuffle and a hi-hat I'm doing fours and a hi-hat for a change really, and twos on the bass drum instead of fours – but that's getting too technical now! I think it's one of those songs that's going to go down on the album really well and on stage as well, it's going to be a good stage number.

How much of the album can you see making it into the live set? I assume it will still be predominantly the classic Quo stuff?

We always have a bit of a problem there – which is great news really – because it goes to show how good Status Quo are, there are so many songs out there that we could play on stage. If we decided to play all of them we'd be on stage for three or four hours. I reckon probably, let's say when summertime comes and we release the album, it'll be just two I reckon. We don’t wanna start dropping "Caroline" or "Down Down" or "Paper Plane" because the fans have come to see that. You hear of some bands dropping all their hit material and doing all brand new stuff, the problem with that is that fans haven't heard the album and don't know the songs.

Have you been involved in any of the writing of these new songs, or is it that the other boys have put it together and brought it to you almost finished and you've put your drums on?

Yeah it's been done that way but I actually wrote some of it myself, just drum parts, and I told the guys what it is, a bit strange drum-wise for me, but I wrote this down and arranged it and hopefully we'll put it together and make a song out of it, so I will get credit for that. I've got to give it a try. And it'll be my Yamaha kit that I'm using on it, the kit I've been using with JCQ for years. The main thing is, I'm just hoping that now everyone's getting vaccinated things hopefully may get back on an even keel and we can all start going back to normal. It'd be great for the band to fast forward the album and get it put out.

Speaking from a purely personal point of view, when I first saw the video for "Lockdown" - and in that video you're wearing the Barrel And Squidger Records t-shirt - do you know just how chuffed I was about that?! That was fantastic, so thank you very much for doing that. Was that a deliberate nod, or was it coincidence that you just happened to be wearing the shirt on that day?

Well I just thought about it, and I thought, this Barrel And Squidger shirt, I like this, why don't I wear it? Instead of, you know when I do the gigs I wear the same shirt all the time, the Haupstadtrocker one, and I thought no, I'll keep this one on – so I'm pleased you're happy about that! I'll have to wear it more often then, when we do gigs, that's no problem at all. Y'know the funny thing about the video? When Mick Hughes was standing in his garden, going through the motions doing his miming to the song, all those cows appeared in the field behind. And there's one having a bonk. And – this is true – someone said to Mick, how did you get the cows to do that?!

Many thanks to John for taking the time to do this interview. And for wearing the Squidger shirt!

1 April 2021

Final day for first week chart action! If you're thinking of buying a copy, PLEASE do it today - it will really help us.

Click HERE to visit our shop.

31 March 2021

Thanks to the Harrogate Advertiser for this superb coverage of our John Coghlan's Quo release. Clearly they're concentrating on the local angle - but we'll take it!

29 March 2021

John Coghlan sends a new video message to JCQ fans. The double A-side CD single Lockdown / No Return is in with a great chance of topping the Official UK Physical Singles Chart - if you're thinking of buying it then please do so before Thursday 1st April for maximum chart impact!

29 March 2021

YEAH! We begin the offical John Coghlan's Quo Release Day with the fantastic news that we won the Classic Rock "Tracks Of The Week" poll - and by a distance! "John Coghlan's Quo triumphed over all opposition by a significant margin with the now prize-winning No Return" - meaning the video gets prominence on their website for another week. Many thanks to all who voted!

23 March 2021

"No Return" by John Coghlan's Quo is included in Classic Rock magazine's "Tracks Of The Week" poll - this is really important and very prestigious so please go and vote - the deadline is Sunday 28 March. Click HERE to vote. Thanks!

16 March 2021

The video for "No Return" is here... the brand-new all original song by John Coghlan's Quo!

Exclusively available on double A-sided limited edition CD single from our webstore - CLICK HERE to snap one up while stocks last.

Heads down, let's rock, see you on the other side!

16 March 2021 More JCQ airplay coming... tune in to Donald Moffat's Afternoon Show from 2pm today on 

Thanks Donald!

12 March 2021 John Coghlan's Quo's "Lockdown (Stir Crazy Mix)" / "No Return" is BSR FM103.4 Single Of The Week. You can hear them both between 1 - 3 PM this Friday 12th March at

4 March 2021

We've popped one of the John Coghlan's Quo promo CDs on eBay.

Why? It's a free advert.

There's LOADS of international music collectors frequenting eBay who aren't on Facebook etc and who won't yet know about the single release. This tells them all about it and they can work their way to us from there.

Don't go bidding daft money on it. It's there for exposure, not profiteering. Cheers!

24 February 2021

The pre-order has begun for the limited edition CD single by John Coghlan's Quo - CLICK HERE to snap up a copy before it's too late!

13 February 2021

Here's the teaser video for our upcoming single by John Coghlan's Quo.

Pre-sale details coming soon!

12 February 2021

It's nearly here!

We're ever so chuffed to announce the exclusive release of the first-ever original studio material from John Coghlan's Quo. 

Coghlan is, of course, a founder member of the legendary Status Quo, and played on all of their enormous classic hits up to and including 1981 - "Pictures Of Matchstick Men", "Paper Plane", "Caroline", "Down Down", "Rain", "Mystery Song", "Rockin' All Over The World", "Whatever You Want", "What You're Proposing", "Forty-Five Hundred Times", "Roll Over Lay Down" etc etc - tens of millions of sales, dozens of Top Of The Pops appearances.

Pre-sale coming soon for a double A-sided limited edition CD single - don't miss out on this absolute gem!

Ensure you sign up to our Facebook (Link) and Twitter (Link) accounts for notification of the pre-sale going live.

(Yes we previously intended to release this on 7" vinyl but, thanks to COVID and factory lockdowns, there are massive backlogs at vinyl pressing plants. We didn't want to keep you waiting another six months so made a CD instead!)

7 February 2021

A Very Happy Birthday to the mighty Alan "Nuff" Lancaster!

We're enormously honoured to have this genuine British rock legend as part of the Barrel And Squidger Records roster.

23 December 2020 

All the last-minute orders have been despatched, time for a mince pie and a Bailey's coffee!

A very Merry Christmas to all our customers and followers, and here's to a better 2021 and lots of new music coming your way. Cheers!

17 December 2020

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING - we will continue posting orders out right until Christmas Eve, but delivery will depend on the speed of your local postal service. If you're buying Christmas gifts from us please bear in mind that deliveries can be slower than usual due to the pandemic, so don't delay!

9 December 2020

Flashback to three years ago when Classic Rock magazine included us in their Tracks Of The Week poll, where they pick the best eight tracks released anywhere IN THE WORLD, on any label, with any budget - just what they reckon are the best new tracks.

Wow - it's three years ago already...!

AND they reckoned we'd just dropped one of the best tracks IN THE WORLD... did I already mention that?

And did I ever mention that we came second in this poll, beating Duff McKagan out of Guns N' Roses?!


Well, we came SECOND, and BEAT DUFF.

With our first attempt.

Oh yes we did!

23 November 2020

Got Christmas shopping to do?

Until midnight GMT on 1st December 2020, enter the code COVID19 

during checkout at our online shop to receive a 19% discount off ALL products!

And that's not all - all vinyl orders will receive a FREE copy of The Tallywags' CD while stocks last - no need to add it to your basket (else you'll get charged for it - though you're welcome to buy any additional copies you'd like!), we'll just throw it in while we're packing your record(s). Featuring members of the Sex Pistols, The Wildhearts, Toy Dolls and The Professionals, it's a cracking little bonus item and totally exclusive to Barrel And Squidger Records!

It's been a tough year for everyone, your custom is very much appreciated during these hard times, we're giving a little back where we can :)

13 November 2020

Original Squidgerati, friend of the label and star of the "Rock Remembers Rick EP", CJ Wildheart, launched his new solo album "Siege" today. To pre-order a range of CDs and 10" vinyl direct from CJ click HERE. Best of luck Ceej :) 

6 November 2020

Following last week's album review, podcast The Quo-Cast called us for a chat - so if there's nothing better on the telly, here's me wittering on for 50 minutes about getting into record collecting, writing for magazines, meeting your heroes, having hit singles, and the trials and tribulations of running an independent record label during a pandemic! Click HERE to listen.

29 October 2020

Podcast The Quo-Cast talks Barrel And Squidger Records and reviews Alan Lancaster's Bombers "Live!" - click HERE to listen. Thanks to Jamie!

3 October 2020

Ty Coates, the huge-voiced frontman of Alan Lancaster's Bombers (as featured on our "Live!" album release), has marked the 30th anniversary of the "Aim High" album with a debut album by his own spin-off, Ty Coates' Bombers. "Man Down" is available from HERE and includes two covers from back in the day, "Get Up And Get It On" and "No Danger", and eight brand new tracks.

22 September 2020

The Squidger hits Bonhams!

You have to be pretty legendary to go under the hammer at a prestigious London auction house such as Bonhams or Sothebys - but here's a Barrel And Squidger Records product in Bonhams' new catalogue! It's for their Entertainment Memorabilia auction on 13 October.

Alan Lancaster is selling prized possessions such as the shirt he wore onstage to open Live Aid and his Fender Mustang bass (yes, that one). A copy of our picture disc is included in the sale of his Steinberger guitar - the very one that he's wearing on the front of the record.

What an honour for us!

To view the auction catalogue on Bonhams' website, CLICK HERE

17 September 2020  Quick update on the John Coghlan's Quo 7", as it's a while since we announced it...

The band are still finishing off recording and mastering the new track. Once it's finished we can send it to the factory. When we know an approximate release date we'll put it up for pre-order.

Getting excited about this one!

10 September 2020  Our first glossy international press advert was published today and here it is - on the inside front cover of Record Collector magazine's dedicated Status Quo special. We were also commissioned to contribute a full 30 pages of this amazing publication's content - it's in all good newsagents now!

8 September 2020  Our website is live! It's still under development and there's more on the way, but please have a look round and let us know what other content you'd like to see.

Full historical news archive to follow...

14 August 2020

I've written half a dozen of the features within this forthcoming special publication. So as a large number of you lovely squidgerettes are hardcore Quo collectors, I thought you'd like to know.

24 July 2020

Unbelievably overjoyed to see stars of the first-ever Barrel And Squidger Records

release, Massive Wagons, fly straight into the Top 10 of the Official UK Album Chart. What a magnificent achievement, and it genuinely couldn't have happened to a nicer, cooler, more talented bunch of guys. Congratulations dudes!

17 July 2020

You spoke, we listened!

"Lockdown" - voted Classic Rock magazine's 'Track Of The Week', and the first-ever original studio recording by John Coghlan's Quo - coming soon on a range of extremely limited edition "double A-side" 7" vinyl singles along with another brand new track.

'Like' or 'follow' Barrel And Squidger Records on social media to be the first to receive pre-order notifications - these won't stick around, don't miss out!

14 July 2020

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23 June 2020

Remembering our friend Stuart Martin-Jones who passed away this morning far too young. Stuart was the photographer on our Rock Remembers Rick - "Christmas Eve (Nanana)" video shoot and took the group shot that ended up used widely, including by the national press - which he was very chuffed about. In fact he can be spotted in the video taking the actual shot. Stuart was a long-time mate from my brother's pub who I didn't see anywhere near enough of after he moved a short distance away, but when I needed a professional photographer to volunteer to work, unpaid, for the charity project, he was there without hesitation. 'Cos that's the kind of guy he was. Sleep well dude xx

17 June 2020

If you're wondering what all the buzz is about, turn your speakers up loud and play THIS! It's just one of ten all-original self-penned bangers on their album... it's an instant classic!

21 October 2019

Status Quo legend Alan Lancaster thanks convention attendees for supporting the release of the Alan Lancaster's Bombers' "LIVE!" album - now totally sold out of its coloured vinyl pressings - and announces its upcoming reissue as a limited edition LP picture disc.

Nice shirt Nuff!